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"Little FoxX" Zombie Edit...
"Little FoxX" Zombie Edition!
Our price $ 47.00  
FoxX Premium Rustic Hybri...
Rustic hybrid holster with Stitched Comfort pad!
Our Price $ 55.00  
FoxX Holsters Tshirt
FoxX Holsters Tshirt
Our Price $ 16.99  
FoxX Block - Gun Magnet
Magnetic Gun Mount-Mount it bedside, vehicles, abo...
$ 22.95  
Gift Certificates
Gift Certificates available here!
$ 0.00  
the "Gator" embossed Hybr...
the "Gator" embossed Hybrid Holster
Our Price $ 59.00  
"FoxX" Hybrid Holste...
The Hybrid Holsters are a leather & kydex holster ...
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Kydex "Trapp" Holste...
The "Trapp" is an ALL Kydex holster & the smallest...
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FoxX Grips (gun grip...
FoxX grips gives you that solid grip on the firear...
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"Little FoxX" Hybrid...
Its a smaller version of our hybrid holster.
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Ladies Only!
These ones are for the ladies!
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Pick up a FoxX Holsters shirt, tank top or Sticker...
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Need Extra Clips, Hardware, Vinyl Graphics, Grips,...
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Magazine Carriers
We carry Single Mag Carriers, Double Mag Carriers,...
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Gun Belts
Quality made Gun Belts by Foxx Holsters!
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Custom Shop!
Special Options- Get Gator Embossed Leather, Camo ...
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OWB FoxX Hybrid Hols...
Looking for an Outside the Waistband Holster, this...
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Magnetic Mount
Foxx BLOCK Gun Magnet! Mount almost anywhere!
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Gift Certificates
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