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     Since 2011 Foxx Holsters has earned a well deserved reputation for quality, durable and comfort as a leading manufacture of gun holsters and other firearm related accessories.

Foxx Holsters are worn by tens of thousands including civilians, police officers, FBI agents, and military personnel. Not only are Foxx Holsters proudly made and sold in the USA, our products reach across to over 50 countries.

Using state of the art technologies like 3D scanning and in-house precision CNC machining of our own proprietary molds, Foxx Holsters is capable of producing one of the best fitting holsters on the market.

When it comes to leather, we pride ourselves on exclusively using only leathers from an American tannery. Most leather on the market today is all imported. We are proud that we support another US company with a similar vision of pride and tradition.

The Foxx Holsters team is led by our President and founder Raymond Watson since the inception of the company in 2011, with focus being on pride, integrity and customer service. Raymond knew in 2011 that there was a void in the market for a more affordable custom built holster that used American components, manufactured with durability and comfort in mind and delivered in days.

An outdoors man and father, Raymond values the    importance of family and protecting ourselves and our loved ones. He has made it his mission to embrace the second amendment and to help educate the current and future generations of young men and women with the right and necessity of being able to protect ourselves. It is our hope that when choosing a company for your holster needs, that you share some of the same values and choose Foxx Holsters for your safety, for your loved ones safety and for our collective right to bear arms. 







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