Small of Back Hybrid Holster SALE

  • $ 3605
  • Save $ 1545

In The Waistband SOB Hybrid Holster. This holster is made with a more straight up and down presentation to aid in drawing from a small of back position.  If your a righty select right hand draw, if your a lefty, select Left handed draw.  Holster is designed to draw from the holster with palm facing out.

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* 9 oz. Premium Leather (Black) 

*.06" Kydex

*Black Spring Steel Belt Clips ( 1-3/4" X 1/4" Belt)

*5 Adjustment Holes

*Adjustable for Ride Height and Forward Cant

*Holster Worn Inside the Waistband at 6 O'Clock

*Easy to Conceal

*Very Comfortable

*Molds to Your Body


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