Little Foxx IWB Hybrid Holster (HORSEHIDE)

  • $ 5700

"Little FoxX" IWB FoxX Hybrid Holster (HORSEHIDE)

 Proudly Made in the USA!

This smaller Hybrid holster is designed for in the waistband concealed carry. Each of our holsters are handcrafted and initialed after passing our quality assurance inspection! This hybrid style holster is made from premium Horsehide and .060 Kydex along with a Premium Nylon clip that can be adjusted for cant. The Nylon clip has a slot adjustment to either cant the gun forward, mount it straight up and down, or carry with negative cant.  Simply loosen one screw, pick your position and re-tighten. 

Horsehide is a denser leather and is considered to be better at repelling moisture versus traditional cowhide.

This is one of our easiest holsters to put on and take off (perfect for getting in and out of the car). Wanting to appendix carry, this holster is small enough to appendix carry or wear between 3 & 5 o'clock position. This holster is built for comfort & concealment. The precision molded Kydex fits the specific firearm listed. You say you need a holster that is tuckable. Great this holster is tuckable too!  

Handcrafted for the most firearms (pick yours from the menu below). Some weapons also available with the Crimson Trace Laserguard or LaserGrips, LaserMax laser, Laserlyte laser and Sig laser.


*Premium Horsehide

*.06" Kydex (Black)

*Wide Nylon Clip (1-1/2" X 1/4" Belt)

*Adjustable Cant

*Easy On/Off  

*Holster Worn Inside the Waistband Between 3 and 5 O'Clock

*Easy to Conceal

*Very Comfortable

*Molds to Your Body

*Appendix Carry



UPGRADES: We have a number of upgrades for you to customize your holster from clips, to Kydex colors, to comfort backs.

We have a number of Kydex colors and some exclusive patterns to choose from as well (see photos).

**Kryptek Nomad Pattern shown

 Little foxx Horsehide with Kyptek Nomad

Our most popular upgrade is the Comfort Pad...add this option for the ultimate in comfort! This is a smooth thin velvet like backing that is adhered to the back of the leather then stitched on. It creates a very comfortable holster against the skin as well as adding a finished look with the heavy stitch line. The comfort pad does not add any bulk to the holster, just COMFORT.

Detail of Optional Stitched Comfort Pad IWB Little Foxx holsters

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