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More Laser options have been added to our Holster lines

Posted by Raymond Watson on

We are asked ALL the time if we have Armalaser options for firearms, now we can finally say Yes, at least for a number of models. These models have been added to the website and are now available.   We added Armalaser Laser options for both Red & Green lasers for several Firearms including: S&W Shield 9/40 -TR4 Glock 42/43 -TR5 Sig P238, P938 -TR8 Sccy CPX-1/CPX-2 -TR10 Taurus Millenium Pro PT111/PT140 -TR11 Kel Tec P11 -TR14 Bersa Thunder 380/380cc -TR16 Taurus PT709/PT740 -TR18 Taurus Millenium G2 PT111/PT140 -TR23   These laser options are available for all of our holster...

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